Commercial water purifier Level 2 AICKSN-HT200

Product size: 495*125*620mm
Filter element material: high-efficiency composite activated carbon fiber
Water pressure requirements: 0.1-0.6MPa
Purified water flow: 12L/min
Working temperature: 4°C-40°C
Inlet water temperature: 5°C-38°C
Processing capacity: 18000 gallons/100 tons/3600 bottled water.
Filter element material: composite activated carbon fiber
Purpose: hotel water purification, bubble milk tea water purification, catering water purification, business water purification, coffee shop water purification, steam box water purification, ice machine water purification, dishwasher water purification, office water purification
Features: Large flow and high processing capacity, which can meet the water needs of more users; can absorb different colors and odors in the water; can filter sediment, dirt, rust and other particles; can remove heavy metals and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms; Remove residual chlorine and improve taste; filter element replacement is quick and easy, and maintenance costs are low.

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