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Xiamen Ouge Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade supplier and manufacturer. Committed to creating a supply platform for the three major health products of "water", "air" and "sports". Covering products such as water purifiers, air purifiers and sports equipment, to provide customers with more comprehensive, better quality and healthier products. Serving businesses, families and urban development.
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Founded in 2008, AICKSN has been committed to the treatment and improvement of air, water and environment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating OEM, ODM and independent brands. The company's R&D team conducted research and analysis on the world's environment and water quality, and developed the third generation of smart kitchen water purifiers in 2009, which improved the drinking water safety of users. AICKSN has always followed the brand culture of "confidence", "conscience" and "grateful heart" to produce healthy and safe domestic water. So far, more than 100 million households around the world are using the services and products provided by AICKSN. For drinking water, food waste disposer, water softening and other products, AICKSN meticulously builds intelligent purification solutions for the whole house.
17 / Jul
Are you still hesitating about installing a home water purifier?
Many families do not install a water purifier not because they think it is too expensive, but because they are not sure whether it is worth the money. Moreover, they do not understand many issues very well and are worried about being fooled, so most families hesitate on whether to install a water purifier. Today, Susan summarizes several core issues that everyone is concerned about before installing a water purifier. Friends who want to install a water purifier but are hesitant can refer to it.
17 / Jul
We cannot avoid water pollution, but we can make our own decisions about the water at home!!!
In recent years, our country has faced a series of serious water pollution challenges. Tap water has frequently experienced problems such as abnormal color, turbidity and odor, which has caused deep public concern about the quality of tap water. All walks of life can't help but ask: What is the current situation of my country's water environment? Can the water source and effluent quality of the water plant be trusted?
16 / Jul
Common faults and solutions of reverse osmosis ultrapure water equipment
Reverse osmosis ultrapure water equipment is a device used to remove impurities and pollutants in water, but it will inevitably encounter some problems during normal operation and use. How should these problems be solved? The following are some common pure water machine problems and corresponding solutions: